What does “PAC” stand for?

PAC stands for Parent Advisory Council.  All parents or guardians of F. W. Howay students, are automatically members of the PAC.  Members can vote and may participate in decision-making and volunteer efforts. Involvement in the PAC is encouraged and easy through volunteer opportunities with PAC led fundraisers and events. PAC initiatives raise the school’s community spirit and most importantly enhance our student’s learning experience by funding and facilitating or providing supplemental funding for field trips, cultural programs, events and equipment.

The PAC welcomes all parents and guardians and wants everyone to have the opportunity to contribute and participate in whatever capacity they are able to.

What is the purpose of the PAC?

The PAC is here to make the school experience more fun, engaging and fulfilling for students and involving parents and guardians in doing so by:

  • Enhancing communication between Parents / Community / Students and the School Staff / Administration.
  • To review, discuss and make recommendations to the school staff and administration on School Policy & Procedures, Programs & Services, Facilities & Equipment, Parent / Community Education Learning Resources.
  • To promote cooperation between the home and the school in providing for the education of children.
  • To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parent and other community members.

How can I be involved?

Easy! By doing any or all of the following:

  • Come to PAC meetings to contribute or just listen and be informed.
  • Volunteer for events or fundraising.
  • Bring new ideas for events or fundraising initiatives.
  • Offer feedback for current initiatives through meetings, the website or by emailing your executive directly.
  • Stay up to date by signing up for the PAC blog, email lists and by checking our website for updates.

How much time does it take to volunteer?

Volunteering only takes as much time as you have to offer. Volunteers are always wanted in varying capacities – it ranges from a short shift at an event, a half hour for a hot lunch, or several hours to lead an event or fundraiser. Volunteering can also just be offering feedback or suggestions and ideas through the website or email – it can only be a few minutes, but your input is valued!

I have ideas, but I can’t make the meetings. How do I submit them for consideration?

Great! Visit our website Contacts page and email our executive directly or submit the Contact form with your suggestions.

I want to volunteer, but don’t know what for. How can I help?

Contact us through the website or turn up to one of the PAC meetings and chat to us and we’ll come up with some ideas on how you can help.

How do I stay informed about what’s going on with the PAC if I can’t make meetings?

Sign up for our PAC blog on our website, make sure your name is on our email list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check our site often.

Why do we do so much fundraising?

Every year the PAC plans fundraising events throughout the year to support initiatives that create school community involvement, do cross-duty as fun events for the students, or purchase worthwhile and proven products to help us achieve this.

How are the proceeds from the PAC’s fundraising used?

Each year a fundraising goal is identified, and funds raised throughout the year are used to purchase or save towards this goal. Examples of what we’ve used the proceeds for in the past are fun days, multicultural celebrations, dance and movie nights, field trips, the pancake breakfast and holiday crafts.