Mar 6, 2019 – Free ADHD seminar at Qayqayt Elementary

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers and Teachers,

Please see the attached link to register for a FREE ADHD Seminar:

The term “ADHD” is becoming increasingly popular among school-aged children and adolescents, but it remains poorly understood and is often associated with stigma and judgment. The purpose of this talk is to help teachers and parents better understand ADHD as part of a bigger set of skills: executive functioning. These are the skills that help us organize, plan, prioritize and control our impulses, and they are key to a child’s success at school, at home, and among their peers. Let’s reduce the stigma and increase our knowledge of how attention and executive functioning works so we can better support our kids and set them up for success!

Dr. Kimberley Da Silva is a Registered Psychologist who works primarily with children and adolescents. The main focus of her clinical practice is providing psychological assessment and treatment to children, adolescents, and their parents. You can find her at the North Shore Stress & Anxiety Clinic.

Could the following describe your child or a child in your life?

Starts one task and gets distracted, then doesn’t ever finish the original task.
Can solve a math problem one way but gets stuck when asked to solve it using another method.
Focuses on the least important thing you said.
Often mixes up assignments and doesn’t bring home the books and handouts needed to complete the work.
Has a desk full of loose papers and pencil stubs. But her schoolwork folder and pencil box are empty.
Panics when rules or routines are challenged, like going out to dinner instead of ordering in because it’s Friday and that’s pizza night.
Struggles to find the right information in a word problem to come up with an equation.

Sticks with a plan even when it’s clear that the plan isn’t working

We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to learn more about Executive Functionging / ADHD.
March 6, 2019
Qayqayt Elementary School
85 Merivale Street, New Westminster
DOORS OPEN / SIGN IN at 7:00pm.
TALK to start at 7:15 SHARP
Child minding by registration (first come first serve). Contact
This event is sponsored by the Qayqayt PAC.