ERASE website – updated resources for students, parents

Supporting Safe, Inclusive & Welcoming School Cultures

The revamped erase website (expect respect and a safe education) is now launched.

Part of a provincial strategy for creating safe, inclusive and welcoming school cultures that support student learning and well-being, this Ministry web portal was created following extensive consultation with students, parents and educators. 

The erase strategy has been expanded to address these complex issues and take a broader, cross-sector approach to: 

  • Improve information sharing within and between systems;
  • Increase student safety; and
  • Integrate mental health and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) supports with a specific focus on parents and classroom teachers

Key features:

  • Valuable information and resources for students, parents and educators on topics such as online safety, mental health and well-being, bullying and violence, substance use and SOGI.
  • An expanded Get Help section where students can access 24/7 phone and text lines as well as online chats if they, or someone they know, needs help.
  • Students can access the updated erase Report It tool to send a direct message to their school or school district’s safe school coordinator for immediate response. All information is private and confidential.

To help promote awareness and use of the site by students and families, there is a promotion section that contains electronic tools such as logos, images and buttons. Check it out.

We encourage you to visit the site and see the changes for yourself and to share the links broadly within your parent community.